Charitable Realty charges absolutely NO office or desk fees and absolutely no initiation fees. We believe that the most important part of becoming a member of our team is thorough training. Becoming a successful agent is more important than paying endless fees to your broker. Charitable Realty offers a sliding scale for commission splits starting at 70/30 and moving upwards as you become a more established and successful Realtor. Our goal is to help agents become their most successful.



Charitable Realty has a very unique business model that allows our client's to give back wherever they wish. Part of that unique model is conducting our real estate transactions with an open, servant's heart. We pride ourselves on giving back with no kickback or personal benefit. Neither our agents, our company or our client's receive a tax deduction for the donations. When a client elects to donate to a charity, that 10% comes from the broker's side, so there is no sacrifice for the agent. We hope our model inspires other local businesses to engage in charitable giving whether big or small.  


In our office, we believe our agents are more productive and our client's are better served in the field. In 2017 Charitable Realty grew in incredible ways, doubling our number of Realtors, and setting new sales records! One part of our growth was making the switch to a Hybrid Virtual office Model. Virtual is just one way that our office culture remains unique. While we do not have a central location, there is no lack of face-to-face time between staff, agents and the broker. Between our catered monthly business meetings, Friday brunches, weekly trainings and tons of fun vendor and charity sponsored occasions there are plenty of opportunities to learn and shadow from other agents.

Although there is not a designated office, Charitable Realty has an awesome support staff ready to welcome you aboard, help you to learn our systems and the best tips and tricks to becoming a high grossing Realtor! Whether you need help with transaction questions or are looking to brush up on your marketing skills we have the resources for all of our agents to grow their own business.

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